This page has grown and changed over the years, and is still growing and changing.   The focus has changed.   The interests have shifted.  The information, however, is all still true. Some of you may disagree with my style and my beliefs.  Some may argue for or against my rights.  For me, this is simply a mini-biography about who and what I am and why I came to be this way.

Most of the first few of the following paragraphs is what my original web site contained, along with more details afterward. The original paragraphs are all still accurate, but when a change in my life occurred and I asked the lady who wrote the HTML code to make changes, I waited six months and it never changed.   Then another change occurred and three months later I was still waiting for her to make the first change.

It wasn't her fault. She had a life of her own and I wasn't paying her.  But it was frustrating.  So I went out and learned on my own how to write code.

And I wrote.

And I wrote.

And I'm still writing.

Since those early days, I have done a lot of web sites, a lot of changing and designed some pretty decent looking things, however, I have left this site alone, until recently, so some of it is still Notepad-style html and some of it is a little flashier and Dreamweaver-ish, but it's jam-packed with my experience and knowledge.

My Tale

I was born in 1959. I used to be very muscular, but middle waist caught up to middle age and thyroid, diabetes and independent edema have taken its toll.  I have numerous piercings and tattoos.

For a while, from 1971-1974 or '75, I attended Yeshiva University Shabbatons, studied under Rabbi Effie and became a practicing, religious Jew, attending Orthodox shuls.  I wore tzitzit under my shirts and a kippah whereever I went.  Even on the "D" train to Bronx Science every morning.  Then one day, when I was about 16, I woke up one Saturday morning and wanted a cheeseburger so bad that I grabbed a handful of change and jumped on the bus and went to a local burger joint.  I'm still a believer, just not religious anymore.

I've been riding motorcycles since right about 1977.  I bought my first Harley in '82 and have been riding HD ever since.  I have given demonstrations and presentations on various subjects, nationally.   I have videos available, but I don't have a pay site because I believe in the free sharing of information. I have written for, have been written about, and have appeared in periodicals on a number of issues, and have appeared on the screen a few times, as well.

I joined the military in 1977.  I was stationed at Homestead AFB in Florida, during the pre-Hurricane Andrew days, although the Air Force saw fit to move me around a lot.  I got an honorable discharge due to a service connected medical condition.  From before I joined the military, and for a bunch of years afterward, I earned, learned and mastered the art of locksmithing.  Afterward, while remaining in the locksmithing business, I also continued working with volunteer fire departments.

My first wife and I were young and dumb and thought that sex equaled love.   We experimented.  We used drugs.  The drugs affected the sex.   The sex affected the marriage.  The marriage didn't make it. I stopped doing drugs in January of 1985 and have not touched any mood or mind altering chemicals since that day, including alcohol.

I am now separated from my fourth wife.  Between us we had three boys, born in 1989, 1990, and 1991; and we have a daughter who was born on December 21st, 2009.

I've appeared in a newspaper or two, campus papers, a few magazines, some tv shows and movies, and on Fox News.  I've had a number of relationships and a number of wives

I run a reptile rescue specializing in caiman.  In the spring of 2010, I was named, "Expert In His Field" for my work with caiman and soon there after was asked by Reptile Magazine, the leading magazine and online resource for reptiles, to write an article for them, on Spectacled Caiman, which appeared in their July, 2010, online and newsstand editions.  In January of 2011, I was asked, for the same reasons, to do an online radio talk show with Reptile Radio.

If you look around you might even be able to find some articles I wrote as a monthly column, originally called Yo! , renamed, Viewpoint, and now resting comfortably with the title, I'm Just Sayin... for a biker rag called, Biker Living; I did an online blog for In The Rooms at;   up until the summer of 2009, I taught a week long intensive Fire Science class at Texas A&M's Fire School, TEEX, at Brighton Field; and I remain certified as an EMT.  

I have a tribute page to Isaboo, here

Additionally, I have tribute pages dedicated to Israel, the WTC and the 343 , a page dedicated to the Jewish War Veterans, and a page dedicated to child safety, and an online scrapbook, here.  Please check them out, donate if you can, and never forget!

I've uploaded the information I've been able to gather from the letters and papers my father gave me, that he got from his father, when the latter died, concerning the background of the Rubenstein name and our family ancestry, which I've uploaded, here.  I'd also like to thank some longtime and newfound relatives for adding so much more information to our ever growing family tree, which I now have online, at a page I've developed myself.    Thank you Laura, Rita and Alan!

Next, with some encouragement from Katey, at the ECP Village, and my wife, I've started a little side line, custom-made Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl) business and website.

Thank goodness I have a little free time these days.  Although, I don't think I kept this busy when I had to hustle to make ends meet.  But the nice thing about not having to have to do these things, is that I can start doing the things that I always wanted to do - like going back to school to get my ASL interpreters license and learning to ride a horse.  It might take me a while, but I am grateful that a while is the one thing I do have these days. 

And finally, please let me know how you've enjoyed this site.


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