Terrorists Open Fire on Memorial Ceremony (10.5.04)

Palestinian terrorists, one of them apparently dressed as a woman, opened fire at hundreds of Jews who came to participate in a memorial ceremony for the Hatuel family in Gush Katif this evening. "Bullets whistled past our ears, and between our legs, and miraculously, no one was hurt," said Gaza Coast spokesman Eran Sternberg. IDF soldiers killed two of the attackers.

In response to the attack, IDF bulldozers have, since this morning, been demolishing 13 houses owned by Arabs that have been used as cover for terrorist attacks along the Kisufim Route into Gush Katif. The residents have long demanded such an action, which was stopped by past Supreme Court rulings.

"It was a humiliating experience for Jews who come to remember a slaughtered family to have to crouch and lie down while terrorists shoot wildly around," said David Hatuel afterward yesterday's attack. "Why can't the army protect a road just a few kilometers long? The houses that line the road must be torn down!" Hatuel lost his pregnant wife and their four daughters, aged 2-11, a week ago when Palestinian terrorists shot and killed them at point-blank range on the Kisufim entrance road to Gush Katif.


Palestinian Children

A Palestinian 14 year old was sent by the terror leaders in Shecem (Nablus) to murder innocent Israeli people in a suicide bombing. The kid was caught at a IDF checkpoint with an explosive-belt on his body. The soldiers explained to the kid how to disarm the belt and took the explosives to a safe place. Due to his young age, the kid was freed to go.


Using Children

Palestinian terrorists use children as human shields during terrorist activities. Palestinians send their children to the fire-line and then accuse Israel of killing children.  Below, at least three Palestinian terrorists are in combat with the Israeli Defence Forces, while their children are watching, as if it's a soccer match.
There is almost no chance that when fired at, and when returning fire, the Israeli troops won't hit also the spectators.
The Palestinians can blame only themselves for abusing their children's deaths.


Killing Their Own!

Excerped from  here, &  here

Police in Israel investigated at least 18 honor killings in the so-called "Occupied Lands" during the past three years.

Victims' rights groups say the number of "honor crimes" appears to be climbing, but at the same time, getting little attention. Palestinians are too busy with political and military issues to notice what they dismiss as domestic disputes, says Suad Abu-Dayyeh, who works for the Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling in East Jerusalem.

Palestinian police reported 31 cases in 2002 — up from five during 1999 - the last time such incidents were counted before the current Palestinian uprising began, according to the center's study.

But the number of killings is likely higher, given that Palestinian police investigate only crimes that have been reported, said Yousef Tarifi, a Palestinian prosecutor. Shalhoub-Kevorkian says her past research showed the likely number to be 15 times higher than the number of reported cases.

Since Israel began constructing its anti-terrorist fence, the Palestinian human-bomb industry has been steadily declining.  Honor killing, on the other hand, regained momentum.

Anthropologist James Emery explained in 2003, how “among Palestinians, all sexual encounters, including rape and incest, are blamed on the woman.” Men are always presumed innocent and the responsibility falls on the woman or girl to protect her honor at all costs.

When 17-year-old Afaf Younes ran away from her father after he allegedly sexually assaulted her, she was caught and sent home to him. He then shot and killed her to protect his honor.

And when a four-year-old toddler was raped by a 25 year-old man in 2002, her Palestinian family left her to bleed to death because her rape had dishonored the family.

According to Dr Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a criminologist from Hebrew University, the real figures are much higher, saying that at least 3 out of every four murders in the West Bank and Gaza are honor killings. In a two-year period, Shalhoub-Kevorkian uncovered 234 suspicious deaths in the West Bank alone, which she believes were honor killings. Palestinian police do not record these deaths as murder but as deaths due to "fate and destiny.”


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