Bam Gets In A Few Magazines

Supercycle Magazine
April 1990

This picture appeared in Supercycle Magazine, July, 1990

Every year a few of my friends and I would ride from Miami to Daytona Beach for Bike Week, which is held each year from the last weekend in February until the first weekend in March.

Since I lived in Florida and had a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit and we were riding into what could be considered "hostile territory" (since we wore the Colors of our Motorcycle Club), I would wear a shoulder holster under my vest where I carried My Desert Eagle .357 semi-automatic.

On one such trip, for Bike Week 1990, the bottom of the piece was visible from below the bottom of My vest. An alert cop (Yes, even I'm amazed at that) noticed the gun and pulled two of us over and asked us about our weapons.  A freelance photographer happened to be close by and snapped the above picture of the lawman checking our paperwork.


DAV Magazine
Nov 2011

Pictures and article appearing in November 2011 edition of DAV Magazine.

Waiting on my ride! November 2011 DAV Magazine Cover DAV Article about me


DAV Guardian Newsletter
Dec 2011

Also in a version of the Guardian Newsletter - the Story from the DAV magazine. Accompanying cover letter



Another daily paper published article about Bam


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