Some of My TV Show and Movie Appearances

Back when I was in Florida, movies like Porky's and Nightmare Beach, and TV shows like Miami Vice and BL Stryker, were all being filmed in and around Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  Casting people were constantly getting upset trying to make "biker" movies, or movies with "bikers" in them, while having to put up with drunken bikers, wannabe's and has beens. Not many real bikers were willing to spend all day on the set of a TV show or movie.  But some of my friends and I, who were part of a "clean" club, actually enjoyed hanging around with Don Johnson, Matt Frewer, Carol Alt, Rita Moreno, John Saxon, Ozzie Davis, Burt Reynolds and others, for hours on end.  Therefore, we kept getting callbacks to play bikers, drug smugglers and gang members on various shows and movies.

All of which, I have to say, was a far stretch for any of us to pull off, and took a great deal of acting talent, Your Honor.  The first one that comes to mind is Miami Vice, episode 20, fourth season, "A Bullet for Crockett", co-starring Sheana Easton, as Johnson's wife, where I played the security guard at Sheena's concert who turns away a couple of cute teenage girls trying to crash the show, saying "No!  Go away, go away",  but allows the killer to walk right past me, saying, "You're cleared".  Next was the season premiere of season five of MV, "Hostile Takeover", co-starring Matt Frewer.  I was one of Frewer's pilots and in this episode, where Johnson has the head injury and thinks he's really a bad guy, I get into a little face-to-face, under-my-breath, snarl time with DJ. 

Next there were a few "B" movies, and extra's spots in Porky's Revenge and Making of Mr. Right.  I wasn't crazy about the extra spots so much, because the pay is considerable less, the treatment is considerable poorer and the food is generally not as exciting; not to mention the fact that you don't get your own trailer as an extra. 

Then came B.L. Stryker. Episode 11 from the second season, "Plates", co-starring Carol Alt and Jerry Reed, comes to mind first.  In one of my scenes I crash through the door and make some kind of remark to Burt Reynolds about him being on "UFO turf" or something ridiculous like that. 

After those, there was the most forgettable movie of all time, Welcome to Spring Break.  This movie was bad. Even changing the name to "Nightmare Beach" didn't help. But it sure was fun to make and to be in.   I spent 11 days shooting; mostly scenes where I was getting paid to ride my motorcycle; and I did a few fight scenes.  I even got to push John Saxon once.  And I got to meet a lot of famous people during those years.

While living in North Carolina I didn't get the opportunity to do any movies or television shows, but since moving to Texas, I've got back into it for a little while.  Especially since I was such a hit in the first movie I appeared in after my long hiatus. I was nominated for "Best Supporting Male Actor In An All Female Film" for my part as "Bam the Artist".  The movie also got an AVN nomination for best lesbian written, directed and produced film.  The movie I'm talking about is a Passion Fruit Video production called Gallery Erotica, available through LezLove.

Not long after Gallery hit the streets I received a call from one of the casting directors for Screen Door Jesus. It's an indy film that came out around the summer of 2003.  I'm in three days worth of bar room scenes, playing, of all things, a biker and a bouncer.  Go figger. 

From there I got a call from the casting director for Hyper Jackson Chamber. They looked at my head shot and came up with the idea that I looked like a typical Texas redneck.  How? Beats me!  But I found out that it wasn't a speaking part, which was perfect, because I would never pass as a Texas Redneck if they heard me speak!

Hyper Jackson Chamber is a string of skit comedies in the genre of "SNL" or "Mr. Show". The movie we shot was supposed to be the pilot for the anticipated cable series by the same name, which was hoping to debut on HBO.  The entire show, including the filmed skits that I was in, was seen in comedy clubs starting   in October, 2002.  And that's all it ever did. 

The next film I did was called Leviticus, written and produced by D'Wayne Bolton of "Will Work For Food" Productions, which was suppose to complete filming in 2003.   I played the part of one of the 4 main charecters in a mental institution, playing, of all things, a mental patient.  We finished filming, but I don't ever remember hearing anything about the movie's release.  However, here are promotional stills number 1 and number 2, that were used to promote this film.

And before Leviticus finished filming, I received another call from Passion Fruit Video. This time I played a "clueless boyfriend" throughout the movie, and played a "biblical porn star" during a dream sequence.   Might I add, neither the boyfriend or the porn star had sex on film; and there was no sex in any of the scenes that the boyfriend or the porn star was in.  The movie is called Gonza: Wanna Be a Porn Star? .

Passion Fruit called me again in October of 2003, for the part of a flamboyantly gay movie director, Belmondo, in their movie, How To Pick Up Girls: A Guide for the Dating Impaired.  Even though it was a small part with only 4 days of filming, I truly enjoyed playing that part, because it was so far outside my comfort zone.  And Belmondo was such a big hit, that Passion Fruit was thinking of doing a full length movie based entirely around Belmondo.  So far it hasn't come to be, but there's always hope. 

I've played parts in a few other movies, as well.  However, a great deal of my scenes ended up on the editing room floor, so I've decided not to even bother listing them.  I still got paid, but there was nothing to "show" from it.  I haven't really done anything since around 2005.  Maybe someday I'll add more to this page, but with everything else I have going on, this was more than enough of an "acting career" for me. 

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