Bam Gets a Monthly Column


I was approached by Christina Anthony, the editor of Biker Living magazine.  She asked me if I was interested in taking over Casey's column.  Casey had a monthly column in the magazine featuring biker education articles.  Each month Casey would write something that he thought would be of interest to the biking community. 

Casey became so involved in other community outreach projects that he just didn't have the time to do the articles any longer.  He also stated that he wanted to allow others to fill his positions. He felt that he wasn't the only one that could do some of these things and he wanted to allow others to step up and take over.

I told Christina that I would love to.  I wrote the first article and started off with an old NY expression of mine, "Yo!", which seems to have become the title of my articles.  So far, everyone who has approached me to tell me they liked the article has said something in the neighborhood of, "Hey, FireBam, I liked your 'Yo!' article."

The rest of the people might not be telling me what they think or don't like it, but the ones that have approached me have all said something to that nature.

And since that first article I've patched over with another club, so don't let the sig bother you.

So, without any further ado, here is my first "Yo!" article from the September '08 issue of Biker Living.  The ones that came after can be referenced with the hyperlinks immediately following this article.

All articles are available in plain text below the reprint.

Yo!  1

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Yo! 1

Yo! 2

Yo! 3

Yo! 4

Yo! 5

Yo! 6

Yo! 7

Yo! 8

Yo! 9

Yo! 10

Yo! 11


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